Santanderina introduce you SEAQUAL, one of the most certified
earth friendly fibers in the world.

SEAQUAL is high quality recycled poliester yarn made from 100% recycled materials including post consumer plastics bottles and plastic captured from the sea, thats why it contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste in the planet's water.

We help clean rubbish from the oceans using fishermen,
turning plastic from the Mediterranean into yarn to make fabrics.



Lower water consumption
during the dyeing process


Lower energy consumption
during the dyeing process


Lower CO2 emissions into
the atmosphere

*Compared with a conventional dyeing process

The result are recycled fabrics with controlled traceability manufactured responsibly and meeting all quality standards.

Oeko-Tex® Standard

Santanderina helps with the Ecoalf Foundation’s UPCYCLING THE OCEANS project along with waste managers, technology centres and recyclers, and technology partners specialising in recycling.